An informative event and discussion on gender-based violence

On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, an informative meeting and open discussion on gender-based violence, the reintegration of survivors into the labor market and the role of support structures took place via video conference. The event is part of the information and awareness actions of the Regional Observatory of Social Inclusion and was the first one to be held in 2024.


The issue of gender-based violence is unfortunately deteriorating in our country as the statistics are shocking in terms of the number of incidents of violence. Prevention and protection mechanisms seem to be insufficient or lacking adequate preparedness. Moreover, the labyrinthine process of the legislative system prevents many of the victims from proceeding with it, but even in this case they risk not achieving the expected result.


However, there is also a bright side and it is none other than the fact that some people finally gain the strength and manage to overcome what they experience, accept help and make an effort to reintegrate into the labor market, which is very important for the independence and autonomy of the individual and their participation in groups of society.


The event was attended by representatives of the Community Centers of the South Aegean Region and the managing authority of the South Aegean, as well as officials of the Regional Counseling Centers and the Diotima Center. The aim of the meeting was to investigate the phenomenon, through the prism of gender stereotypes and how these lead to gender violence, and discuss the challenges and possibilities of the reintegration of gender-based violence survivors into the labor market as well as the existing network of support structures and their role in empowering survivors of gender-based and domestic violence.


At the beginning of the meeting, Ms. Kyriaki Kyritsi, Head of the Observatory of Social Inclusion, gave a short greeting and welcomed the participants. Afterwards, Ms. Konstantina Kourkoumari from Crowdpolicy, Executive of the Observatory, made an introduction on the topic citing important facts about the context of the event.


Then, Ms. Paraskevi Minatsi, sociologist – criminologist, and Ms. Despina Fakidaraki, psychologist at the Women’s Counseling Center of the Municipality of Rhodes, took the floor and spoke at length about gender stereotypes and how they intensify violence against women, talking at length with the audience as well. Ms. Varvara Markaki, Employability Officer at Diotima Center, gave a short speech on the Labor integration of gender-based violence survivors, highlighting the challenges and possibilities.


Finally, a discussion took place, and Ms. Despina Dourou, Operations Manager at Crowdpolicy, thanked the speakers as well as all the participants in the event and pointed out that these actions are of great importance and should be made known to everyone.



The Observatory has planned two more online information and awareness actions for February and March 2024, the program of which will be announced soon.