Annual Regional Surveys on Income and Living Conditions

The preparation of the Annual Survey on Income and Living Conditions is one of the main responsibilities of the Social Inclusion Observatories, in accordance with article 14 of the National Mechanism.


The aim of the survey is to systematically record the living conditions and income indicators of the residents of the South Aegean Region on an annual basis. At the same time, the degree and intensity of the material and social deprivation of the vulnerable groups of the population is studied, and the efficiency of the measures taken in the social sector is evaluated to the extent that this is possible.


All the studies of the Observatory – and therefore this particular survey as well – provide feedback to the competent bodies for drawing up optimal social policies, taking into account (a) the particularities of each place, (b) the spatial imbalances of the Region, (c) its strengths and weaknesses, (d) risks and opportunities, characteristics which in turn affect its economic development and the social cohesion of its residents.


The scientific team of the Social Inclusion Observatory, having the experience of the surveys of 2020 and 2021, is at the stage of preparation of the third (3rd) Regional Survey on Income and Living Conditions, which will also be published on the Observatory’s portal for the public.


The video we have chosen to present is a brief summary of the key points and findings of the two previous surveys as well as a reference to the priorities of the new survey for 2022.




Presentation: Konstantina Kourkoumari