Completion of field surveys on the islands of the South Aegean Region

With last stop at the island of Kalymnos field investigations completed in the South Aegean Region Municipalities


On Friday 15 October 2021, the on-site field surveys of the Social Inclusion Observatory were completed with the last “station” in Kalymnos, an island with a particularly large concentration of beneficiaries of the Minimum Guaranteed Income (EEE). Staff members of the contractor crowdpolicy supporting the project, in cooperation with social workers of the Municipality of Kalymnos Community Centre, conducted 72 individual interviews with EEE beneficiaries.


The research team of the South Aegean Social Inclusion Observatory processes the quantitative and qualitative data of the surveys as well as the data collected from elected representatives of the municipalities and from the group of workers in social services. The final report will be prepared soon and the Observatory will present a comprehensive report on the results and conclusions of the field surveys.