Field surveys on Social Inclusion issues in the South Aegean (2023)

The research entitled “Field surveys on Social Inclusion issues in the South Aegean (2023)” has been published as part of the implementation of the annual actions and surveys of the Social Inclusion Observatory of the South Aegean Region. It is a comprehensive analysis and synthesis of the findings of the social studies carried out by the Observatory between June and July 2023, with the aim of recording the policies and actions carried out to expand social inclusion in each Municipality of the South Aegean.


The Observatory operated with the cooperation of the social services and Community Centers of the Municipalities of the South Aegean for the realization of the Field Surveys, thus creating a good practice of interconnection in the social sector. The innovative nature of the “Field Surveys” consists in the fact that it captures in real time and space through open interviews, targeted questions and most importantly, the participation of social workers, elected officials and citizens, the existing situation regarding the standard of living and the quality of life of the inhabitants on each island where research was carried out.


The number of individuals and households that made up the sample of the population under study was determined based on economic and social criteria, while the total population and the special characteristics of each Municipality of the South Aegean also played a role in the final determination of the number. Finally, the method of the Focused Research Group (focus group) was thoroughly utilized with elected representatives as well as employees of the Community Centers and/or the social services of the Municipalities, which resulted in taking into account local needs, giving priorities to common issues and strengthening cooperation between social services.


The aim of the Observatory and the Project Team of the present study is to provide the appropriate tools for similar surveys to be applied at local and regional level by providing the experience and knowledge it has developed during the implementation of three consecutive years of Field Surveys (2021, 2022 and 2023), as well as to highlight the strengths and critical points of implemented policies and actions to improve the social inclusion of vulnerable social groups of the population. Finally, it aims at contributing to the drawing up of an effective and rational strategy for social cohesion and inclusion at regional level, and at the same time, strengthening the National Mechanism and the National Strategy for Social Inclusion with reliable quantitative and qualitative data.

Here you can view and download the file of the entire research: ΠΑΡΑΤΗΡΗΤΗΡΙΟ-Ν-ΑΙΓΑΙΟ-Π.29-Επιτόπιες_έρευνες_2023-Ε3.1.docx (2)