Social issues and good practices highlighted during the 3rd Open Day of the Observatory


The 3rd Open Day of the Observatory of Social Inclusion of the South Aegean, held in Syros, in the conference room of the Cyclades Chamber of Commerce, with the theme “Interconnection and Cooperation to face new challenges in the social sector. The related actions and the most recent project of the Observatory of Social Inclusion of the South Aegean” was completed on Friday, December 2.


During the Open Day, greetings were addressed by Natasa Deligianni, Deputy Regional Governor for Public Health, Social Care and Social Groceries of the Cyclades, Angeliki Printezi, Municipal Councilor on Social Protection and President of the Equality Committee, Louizana Vakondiou, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of the Cyclades, Georgios Karamanolis, Co-Founder & CTO/CIO at Crowdpolicy, Antonis Voutsinos, Head of the Special Management Service of the South Aegean and Kyriaki Kyritsi, Project Manager and Head of the Cyclades Social Assistance Department.



Then, reference was made to the work and actions of the Social Inclusion Observatory of the South Aegean which, having completed 2,5 years of operation with the support of the technology company Crowdpolicy, shows a continuous progress in the field of social studies in order to measure up to its role as a body monitoring and evaluating policies related to social inclusion and implemented at regional level, while providing feedback for the National Mechanism.




Furthermore, social policy issues, in particular, the guaranteed minimum income policies and the conclusions from the Regional Survey on Income and Living Conditions for 2021, were presented.

Of particular interest were the quantitative and qualitative findings of the Field Surveys carried out by the Observatory in the South Aegean, which are based on an innovative methodology that studies local needs in real time and space with the participation of elected officials, social service executives and citizens, and highlights good practices.




The following cooperating agencies spoke about their work and the difficulties they face: the Association of Social Workers of Greece in the South Aegean, the Counseling Center of Syros and the Community Centers of Rhodes and Milos.




The Open Day concluded with the presentation of the emblematic policies of the European Social Fund Plus, the new 2021-2027 program by the Special Management Service of the South Aegean Operational Program and the active employment policies by the Hellenic Manpower Employment Organization.




You can watch videos from local media at the following link:

The Open Day is available on the Crowdpolicy page in case someone wants to watch it afterwards:


The Observatory follows the priorities set by the EU for a more social Europe, according to the European pillar of social rights (summarized in the following: quality employment, equal access to education, development of skills and social inclusion) but also the most important goals set by the National Strategy for Social Inclusion (alleviation of inequalities, modernization of public integration policies with an emphasis on the active nature of the measures and the upgrading of the cooperation framework of the state, civil society and the market with an emphasis on the creation of strong partnerships to combat poverty and exclusion).


For more information, visit the website of the Observatory which provides detailed information about all social welfare agencies and services by regional unit and Municipality in the South Aegean.