The Observatory discusses with the Municipality of Halki

In order to carry out surveys for as many islands as possible in the South Aegean, beyond the trips made to the Cyclades and Dodecanese, the Observatory conducted interviews online.


In this context, the online survey, which was successfully completed on July 5, 2023, included interviews with elected persons and executives of the Municipality of Halki, and in particular with:


Mr. Evangelos Fragakis, Mayor of Halki,

Mr. Antonis Fanarakis, Technologist Civil Engineer, competent employee for GMI (Guaranteed Minimum Income), and

two beneficiaries of social allowances.


From the interview with the officials of the Municipality of Halki, it emerged that there are no cases of extreme poverty, as on the one hand, there is a strong element of solidarity at neighborhood and family level, and on the other hand, the tourism sector is constantly developing, supporting the local economy with the Municipality, however, being a key employer on the island.

The sector that lags behind the most in Halki is that of health. At present, there is a regional clinic staffed by a rural doctor and assisted by a military doctor and a nurse. This gap is mitigated by some complementary actions, such as the visit of ACTION HELLAS with 15 doctor specialties every May to the island for the annual check-up of all residents, and GALINOS program which offers preventive medical examinations on specific dates to the residents of Halki.


Finally, it is noteworthy that Halki is the first model island of energy transition (GR-eco island) drastically reducing its environmental footprint, thus offering the residents of the island who participate in this program the opportunity to benefit from zero electricity bills.


The Social Inclusion Observatory of the South Aegean would like to warmly thank the Municipality of Halki and all the participants in the survey.




(Text and photos: Katerina Hatzipapa)