The On-Site Surveys of the Observatory for 2023 have begun

The Social Inclusion Observatory of the South Aegean is conducting field surveys in Municipalities of the Region of the South Aegean for the third consecutive year. This is the 3rd and last cycle of the project for the current programming period.


During the Field Surveys of 2023, particular importance will be given to specific thematic areas, such as the development of skills for the labor market and the investigation of any adverse living conditions, focusing on homelessness and energy poverty. In addition, an overall assessment of the work of the social protection structures during the last three years is attempted, as well as the next steps for the new programming period.


For their implementation, a combination of interviews will be conducted either online or in person in all the Community Centers of the Region. At the same time, the Observatory teams will visit Municipalities that they had not visited during its previous surveys.


In order to ensure the successful outcome of these surveys as well as the quality and reliability of the project data, the Social Inclusion Observatory collaborates with the Community Centers and the competent Social Services of the Municipalities in the South Aegean.


For more information, you can contact the following telephone numbers: +30 22810 76923 Kiriaki Kiritsi, +30 22810 76775 Konstantina Kourkoumari (Siros) and +30 22413 64424 Irini Attiti, Katerina Hatzipapa (Rhodes).