The Open Day of the South Aegean Regional Observatory in Rhodes was successfully completed






The Social Inclusion Observatory of the South Aegean Region, the technology company Crowdpolicy and the Chamber of Commerce of the Dodecanese held on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, a hybrid open day on the topic: “Three years of operation of the Regional Social Inclusion Observatory: the Living Conditions and the Integration of Vulnerable Groups in the South Aegean”, at the Chamber of Commerce of the Dodecanese in Rhodes.




The open day kicked-off with brief greetings from the Secretary General for Social Solidarity and Fight against Poverty of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Mr. Georgios Stamatis, the Deputy Regional Governor of Health, Welfare, Social Care and Social Groceries of the Dodecanese, Ms. Haroula Giasirani, the Deputy Regional Governor of Health, Welfare, Social Care and Social Groceries of the Cyclades, Mr. Charalambos Darzentas, the Deputy Mayor for Social Policy of the Municipality of Rhodes, Mr. Georgios-Efthymios Triandos, the Secretary General of the Dodecanese Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Phaedra Spanou, the General Director of Public Health and Social Care of the Dodecanese, Mr. Triantafyllos Karagiannis, the Head of Unit A’ of the Special Management Service of the South Aegean Region, Mr. Vangelis Aragiannis, and the Managing Director of Crowdpolicy and Responsible for the Implementation of the project, Mr. Michael Psallidas.




During the open day, coordinated by the Project Manager, Ms. Kyriaki Kyritsi, and executives of the project team, a detailed presentation of the role of the Observatory was made, as well as of the findings from the scientific research carried out by the Observatory in the period 2020-2022. The presentation was made by the Observatory’s scientific collaborators Antonis Skarpelis, Konstantina Kourkoumari, Georgia Tseva and Vangelis Dimos (of the company Crowdpolicy, contractor of the project) along with members of the project team Nansia Gatopoulou (CMT Perspective), Katerina Hatzipapa and Iakovos Gryllis (Exelixis). Also, the Head of Unit B’ of the Special Management Service for the Coordination and Monitoring of Actions of the European Social Fund, Christos Kirkoglou, presented the priorities of the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) for the new programming period 2021-2027, while the Executive of the Special Service Management of the South Aegean Region, Agapi Adamopoulou, presented the actions of the ESF implemented on the islands of the Region. Finally, the employee of the Monitoring Department of the Social Inclusion and Social Cohesion of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Eric Gazon, presented the application of Article 14 “Regional Observatory of Social Inclusion” of the National Mechanism (law 4445/2016).





The day ended with a fruitful open discussion about digital illiteracy, innovation and the challenges of digital transformation in the field of social protection and welfare with the participation of the President of the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean, Mr. Christos Kalloniatis, and the Directors of Social Care of the Dodecanese and Cyclades, Ms. Irini Attiti and Mr. Dimitris Alumanis respectively.


The Observatory would like to thank the Community Centers and Social Services of the Municipalities of the South Aegean Region for their contribution to the implementation of the field surveys as well as all the collaborators and executives who are now working on new scientific fields, especially Ms. Maria Valasaki, for the design of said surveys.


As mentioned by the person in charge of the project, Kyriaki Kyritsi, the aim of the Observatory is to establish this type of event by setting an appointment for a new open day in October in Syros.




You can watch the video of the open day on YouTube at the following link: