The Social Inclusion Observatory has successfully completed the first on-site social surveys

The first on-site surveys of the Social Inclusion Observatory on the islands of Paros, Sifnos, Serifos, Ios, Thira, Milos and Kea have been successfully completed. Through this action, which takes place on an annual basis (from 2021 to 2023), the social, economic and cultural conditions prevailing on each island are recorded in real time and in a physical space.

For this year, we started with the island of Paros in the middle of July. Then, we visited the islands of Sifnos and Serifos and the first cycle of the on-site surveys was completed with visits to Ios, Thira, Milos and Kea. An interdisciplinary team of the Observatory, consisting of the partners from Crowdpolicy Mr. Antonis Skarpelis, Mr. Vangelis Dimos, Ms. Georgia Tseva and Ms. Konstantina Kourkoumari, discussed with elected officials, social workers and employees of the Community Centers and Social Services of the Municipalities as well as citizens who receive social allowances. During the interviews, among other things, issues of social inclusion, mainly that of unemployment, the possibilities and opportunities for increasing employment through tourism but also alternative forms of development, the lack of structures and services on these islands, etc. were discussed. Another issue that was raised was how to achieve better cooperation between the parties involved in order to promote the social cohesion and well-being of vulnerable groups and by extension local communities.

Compared to last year, the Observatory carried out for the first time a visit to the islands of Sifnos, Serifos and Ios and it was very constructive to discuss with the mayors of these islands, Maria Nadali (Mayor of Sifnos), Konstantinos Revinthis (Mayor of Serifos) and Ghikas Ghikas (Mayor of Ios) the actions implemented at local level regarding social inclusion and development prospects. Accordingly, in the Municipalities of Paros, Thira, Milos and Kea, the Observatory for the second consecutive year spoke with representatives of the Municipalities, social workers and local bodies in the social sector about all the above topics, thus gaining experience and knowledge.

The Observatory would like to thank all the participants and collaborators in the on-site surveys, with the hope that similar meetings will be held in the near future. The action which will continue over the next two (2) months with visits to the Dodecanese and Cyclades will be completed with the publication of a comprehensive study in November of the same year.

In the photos you can see Ms. Maria Nadali, Mayor of Sifnos, and Mr. Konstantinos Revinthis, Mayor of Serifos, with Ms. Konstantina Kourkoumari, operating partner of the Social Inclusion Observatory.