The South Aegean at a glance: indicator visualization tools from the Observatory of Social Inclusion

As a very fruitful year for the Observatory of Social Inclusion comes to an end, we feel glad that in 2023, among other things, we completed two detailed studies on the economy and social inclusion in the South Aegean, we held a successful open day, we set up a rich database containing useful information about each regional (administrative) unit and participated in Municipal actions, conferences, etc.


A summary of the main economic-social indicators for the three-year period 2020-2023 is shown in the following expanded table (dashboard) entitled “Economy, Employment, Health & Inequalities in the South Aegean”: For more information and data, you can also use the interactive map we have made:


However, the greatest achievement of this year, as well as of the two previous ones, was the knowledge we gained through the communication we had with each and every one of you. Our goal is to continue and develop even more our communication in 2024! We are looking forward to your proposals for cooperation and further networking actions.


The Project Team of the Observatory of Social Inclusion of the South Aegean.