In recent years, the fight against poverty and social exclusion that has emerged because of the long-term economic crisis and the multiple consequences it has brought to local communities has been a key direction of regional strategies for development and the financing of relevant actions. Even in regions with significant growth potential, the need to implement social support and inclusion interventions occupies an important place and highlights the increasing trend of the severe material deprivation index and the persistence of deep poverty.

In particular, the South Aegean Region is an example of a region that performs over time above the national average in terms of employment and income, along with the existence of deep inequalities and precariousness in the field of labor. Such contradictions bring to the fore the need for systematic monitoring of policy interventions and absorption of financial support. At the same time, they highlight the importance of involving local safety nets in highlighting the phenomenon of poverty and social exclusion, studying it, designing policies to address it and coordinating stakeholders towards this goal.

For the above purpose and in the context of the “National Mechanism” (Law 4445/2016 Α’236) to combat poverty, the Regional Social Inclusion Observatory drew up the ‘Annual Income and Living Conditions Survey 2020’ (annual survey), the summary of which is available below in Greek. The main dimension of this research is the study of critical points on the phenomena of poverty and social exclusion, as they occur in the South Aegean Region, with the aim of designing and designing the annual policies and actions of the Regional Social Inclusion Observatory.The research is expected to guide the research activity of the Southern Aegean Region’s Social Inclusion Observatory and more specifically the programming for the deliverable entitled “On-the-spot filed surveys for the entire Region of the year 2020”, inclusion of new content on the Regional Observatory portal and the conduct of the next Open Day of the project.