“No one alone” is the essence of the surveys in Andros and Tinos

The Social Inclusion Observatory visited the islands of Andros and Tinos last week. In cooperation with the Community Centers and the Social Services of the Municipalities, we successfully completed two more field surveys. In Tinos we also spoke with the Deputy Regional Governor of Public Health, Social Care and Social Groceries of the Cyclades, Ms. Natasa Deligianni.


More specifically, on Wednesday, May 5, 2022, a survey was carried out in Andros led by the partner of the Observatory, Mr. Vangelis Dimos (Crowdpolicy). Beneficiaries of social allowances took part, while a joint interview was also held with the Managers of the Community Center, Ms. Lambrini Batsi and Ms. Katerina Dimitriadou, as well as Ms. Evangelia Chala, Deputy Head of the Welfare Department of the Municipality of Andros.


As a conclusion of the survey conducted in Andros, the following points were the most important: a) the geomorphology of the island with the long and often inaccessible distances from Chora as well as the dispersion of the population in the various parts of the island make it difficult for the vulnerable social groups to move, thus reinforcing phenomena of social exclusion, and b) the serious understaffing of the Health Center as well as the significant lack of logistical infrastructure result in the insufficient treatment of serious cases and their transport to Athens, as well as the fact that for less serious cases many are forced to turn to private doctors at prohibitive financial costs.

Compared to last year, the situation regarding employment is clearly better as there were quite a few people who found employment and stopped taking the Guaranteed Minimum Income allowance. This is due to the recession of the pandemic and the recovery of tourism.

Finally, the need to gather all the social services of the island in one place is highlighted in order to facilitate the coordination between the parties involved as well as to serve the beneficiaries more efficiently.


The next day, Thursday, June 6, 2022, a survey was carried out in Tinos with the participation of citizens. Also, interviews were held with Ms. Ioulia Dellatola, Director of the Administrative Services of the Municipality of Tinos, and Ms. Antonia Papagiannopoulou, Sociologist at the Community Center of Tinos.

The survey conducted in Tinos could be summarized in the following points: a) there are a few cases of poverty on the island, and b) the help of the Municipality and other social agencies is important and several actions have been developed that help the beneficiaries (Social Grocery, Social Kitchen) while the help from the Church has also proved to be important. Moreover, the Health Center is seriously understaffed as many critical specialties are absent, and as a result, the most serious cases are transferred to the Hospital of Syros. Finally, there are no significant changes in the level of poverty compared to last year.


On the same day, Ms. Natasa Deligianni, Deputy Regional Governor of Public Health, Social Care and Social Groceries of the Cyclades, gave an interview to the Head of the Observatory, Ms. Kyriaki Kyritsi, who took office in August 2022. During the interview, she spoke to us about the vision of the Regional Authority – regarding the social sector – but also the specialization of goals for the Cyclades. In addition, she told us about the profile and needs of the islands, vulnerable groups and good practices through her personal experience as a member of a local non-profit association, telling us that the phrase that sums up the idea of social care and solidarity is: “No one alone”.


The Social Inclusion Observatory of the South Aegean would like to warmly thank everyone who participated and contributed to the implementation of this constructive action, the findings of which will be presented during an Open Day that will be organized in Syros at the beginning of December.