On-site survey of the Social Inclusion Observatory in Rhodes

The project and actions of the Social Inclusion Observatory also include the “On-site field surveys on the islands of the South Aegean Region for the year 2021” an integrated research on all islands of the South Aegean Region which aims to study and scientifically reflect the living conditions of the inhabitants of the islands of the Dodecanese and the Cyclades.

Through this action, the Observatory conducts interviews:

a. with elected representatives of the municipalities.

b. employees of the Social Services and Community Centers; and

c. citizens receiving assistance from the Minimum Guaranteed Income..

With the completion of the interviews and the processing of findings by the Observatory, the South Aegean Region will have a complete picture of the economic and social parameters at local and regional level.
To date, field investigations have been successfully completed in Naxos, Kos, Santorini, Astypalaia, Karpathos, Milos, Tinos and Syros.
As part of these surveys, the field research at the Municipality of Rhodes is ongoing, in cooperation with the Community Centre with a Roma branch of the Municipality. The researchers are executive staff of the consultancy company EXELIXIS which cooperates with the contractor of the support project, Crowdpolicy, and scientifically supports the Observatory in the Dodecanese. Since Wednesday 8/9/2021, researchers have interviewed dozens of citizens living in poverty, a number to increase until the completion of this process on Tuesday 14/9/2021.

In addition, meetings have been held with the staff of the Community Centre with a Roma Branch of the Municipality of Rhodes, thus recording the work they carry out in the context of their tasks, the points for improvement and the proposals they have in terms of the functioning and efficiency of the structure.


Within the next few days, Mr. Yannis Kambouris, Deputy Mayor of Social Policy, will meet with the researchers to inform them about the way the municipal authority is dealing with the poverty phenomena on the island of Rhodes and the solutions given to this problem.