The first field surveys of 2023 take place in the Municipality of Kos

This year the surveys of the Social Inclusion Observatory started with the Municipality of Kos, between 15-16 June 2023, and included interviews with:


a) the special advisor of the Municipality of Kos in matters of Social Policy, Stamatia Kantarzi,


b) employees of the Department of Social Policy and Gender Equality Policies of the Municipality of Kos, Ms. Georgia Andreani, Social Worker and Head of the Department, and Ms. Marietta Xenika, Social Worker,


c) employees of the Community Center of Kos with a Roma annex, Ms. Thekli Kavvada, Social Worker and Coordinator of the Community Center, and Mr. Stavros Drakidis, Educator of the Roma annex of the Community Center, and


d) 14 beneficiaries of welfare allowances.


The main issue that emerged from all the interviews in Kos is the deficiencies in the health sector on the island. This is the issue that most concerns the local community after two recent deaths while waiting for an ambulance. Among other things, the citizens expressed their satisfaction regarding the operation of the Community Center and the service provided by the officials of the social bodies of the Municipality of Kos on the one hand, and on the other hand, their difficulty finding a job due to insufficient qualifications in the tourism industry (e.g. no knowledge of a foreign language), despite the fact that there is a job offer during the summer period.


The Social Inclusion Observatory would like to warmly thank the Community Center and the Municipality of Kos as well as all the participants in the survey.


Stay tuned to be informed about all the surveys of the Observatory.


(Text and photo: Katerina Hatzipapa)