The Observatory starts its research trips for the second consecutive year

The Observatory is starting its research trips for the second year in a row by setting more targeted objectives and including new islands of the Region in its surveys.


In continuation of last year’s successful course of field surveys of the Observatory in 15 Municipalities and 13 Community Centers, this month we are starting our trips, setting new perspectives and including more islands of the South Aegean Region in the research.


With the Field Surveys, the Social Inclusion Observatory aims to:


– identify cases of economic deprivation and highlight the needs of vulnerable population groups / residents of the Region,

– use the findings for a multidimensional comparison by year and by regional unit,

– make proposals on the formulation of effective actions and policies.


The Field Surveys are an action of particular importance because through them a study is carried out on each island separately, in real time and with the contribution of the employees who work in the field of social services and therefore know and can evaluate the living conditions in each place.


Finally, the Social Inclusion Observatory, harmonizing with European and national strategies, year after year and action by action contributes to the alleviation of problems of social nature, while seeking to eliminate any kind of discrimination.